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My name is Barbara.  I am so pleased to meet you! 

Before starting my blog, I was told to introduce myself.  But that is difficult.  It is much easier to chat about things than about yourself.  Do you agree?  Therefore I have asked a friend to type a few words. 

Barbara was born in a small country-town called Potgietersrus in the Northern parts of South Africa.  She is the youngest of three children.  But here is something unique– she shares her birthday with both siblings!  That’s right – all three children, of different ages, celebrate their birthdays on the same day.

Barbara was not a difficult child.  She was obedient, did her school work, participated in sports, and ended up becoming head girl.  With good academic results, she went to University of Potchefstroom (now the North-West University).  Her superb concentration and hard-working abilities helped her study both Commerce and Law, ending with a Master’s degree in Forensics.  She then started work, married and have three boys – but born on different days!

While qualifying and working as lawyer, she impressed with her quick wit, sharp intellect and creative solutions.  “How do you mean, creative?”, I imagine you may ask.  Well, it is simple.  Even as a lawyer with her own business, she often presented clients with “out-of-the-box” solutions.  And this happened with none of this so-called shyness.  Ask a few of her opponents – she managed quite well, thank you very much!

But, this successful little lawyer had a secret passion.  She loves beautiful “things”, whether it be clothes, furniture, decorations, music, movies or artwork.  And secretly she wanted to be an imaginative artist, unhindered by a specific discipline.  She merely wanted to bring beauty into the world, in any way possible.

Then she made the jump!  She stopped being lawyer.  She now manages creative marketing for the family business in the mornings, and being creative mom for three growing young boys.  But, between all of this, she started to fulfill her passion.  She creates a wide variety of art, from unique pottery, to special dishes for the hungry family, to crocheting beautiful pieces.

She now lives her dream!

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