Spring Clean Combo

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This Combo includes the following: 

1 x Heavy duty refuse bag  ( 20 bags ) 

1 x  Gardener refuse bag ( 20 bags ) 

1 x Trolley bin liner (10 bags)

1 x Recycling refuse bags  (10 bags)

1 x  Eco 4 Laundry/ dishwasher detergent ( 70 washes ) 

1 x Eco 2 Wash (concentrate 1:10)

1 x Eco 3 Hygiene (concentrate 1:10)

1 x Eco 1 Multi Cleaner  (concentrate 1:10)

1 x Klap-‘n-Kiem ( hand sanitizer 700 ml) 

Eco 4 – Laundry and Washing Powder

Concentrated laundry detergent in a powder format. Requires only 14 gram (heaped teaspoon) for a 5kg wash. This product costs about three times less per wash compared to other well known washing powders.

Proven to be safe for use on clothes and bedding used by people that suffer from some skin allergies

Pleasant fresh aroma. Will not leave stripes on laundry.

No softener required. This is equivalent to a cost saving of more than R2.50 per wash.

ECO 2- Super Versatile Washer

A low foam product that was developed to clean linoleum, vinyl tiles, sealed wooden floors, walls, doors, chrome fittings. It can also be used to wash dishes and delicate fabrics. It has a fresh lime fragrance.

Product is sold in a concentrated format. Dilute 1:10

ECO 3- Safe and effective hand and surface disinfectant

Very effective disinfectant that can be used as a water-less hand disinfectant. This product will not dry out your hands. It is also very effective as a disinfectant and to deodorise kitchen surfaces, toilets and drains. It is safe enough for use on chopping boards and near food.

Product is sold in a concentrated format. Dilute 1:10

ECO 1- Concentrated Triple Action Surface Cleaner

Versatile cleaner suitable to clean kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, desks, counters and other office areas.  Also suitable to clean ovens.

Product is sold in a concentrated format. Dilute 1:10

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