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MAG-12 Muscle Pain Relief – Magnesium Muscle and Joint Spray – 120ml

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A formulated Magnesium muscle and joint pain relief spray.

MAG-12 is specifically formulated for the active individual!

A dry spray on therapeutic formulation with Magnesium Chloride as the active ingredient, MAG-12 Muscle Pain Relief Spray is highly effective in relieving symptoms of muscle tension, spasms and joint aches and pains. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory topical treatment.


– MAG-12 is formulated from a blend of natural minerals and essential oils, including Wintergreen Oil.

– Utilises the proven healing properties of Magnesium, a key mineral element for the human body.

– MAG-12 works equally effectively on muscle and joint ailments.

– It is easily applied to affected areas without the need for rubbing in or applying it by hand.

– Formulated as a dry application, the product leaves less residue on the skin than traditional balms and ointments, making it also more suitable for applying under clothing.

– The product applies evenly with the canister held in any direction due to the omnidirectional nozzle, making it ideal for an “on the go” application.

Apply directly to affected areas of the body 2 to 3 times a day. MAG-12 can also be applied as part of a pre-activity or pre-workout regime and is very effective in relieving tense and contracted muscles from stress or muscle fatigue.

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