Eco 4 laundry detergent

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Eco 4 – Laundry and Washing Powder

Concentrated laundry detergent in a powder format. Requires only 14 gram (heaped teaspoon) for a 5kg wash. This product costs about three times less per wash compared to other well known washing powders.

Proven to be safe for use on clothes and bedding used by people that suffer from some skin allergies

Pleasant fresh aroma. Will not leave stripes on laundry.

No softener required. This is equivalent to a cost saving of more than R2.50 per wash.

IMPORTANT NOTE: “Fillers” are added to many well-known laundry powders to increase product volumes. Consumers often perceive “bulky” containers as value for money due to the apparent good price per kg. These “fillers” do not provide improved cleaning performance. This is bad for the environment since these useless fillers require the processing of resources and also enter wastewater systems. The increased volume of cleaning products with fillers place additional strain on the environment because more plastic is needed to manufacture the bigger containers. Unnecessary fillers also contribute to harmful greenhouse gas emissions because it must be transported along with the washing powders.

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Specification: Eco 4 laundry detergent

Mass 1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg

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