Granny Square Temperature Blanket

I don’t know if it’s just me, but these first three weeks of February just sped by. It’s like the year has finally started. Kids have been back at school for a while and we’re getting back into a routine. I finally have time to plan some blog posts and decide which projects I want to do this year. There are so many patterns that I want to test, but I also want to produce my own creative variations of patterns I’ve made previously.

This blog will serve as my creative journal throughout the year – capturing my process, using it to share patterns and resources, and forcing me to complete some of my WIPs lying around!

Last year I was triggered by the concept of a temperature blanket. I decided that 2022 will be the year.  

Crocheting a temperature blanket is a fun project that requires little skill, focus or time and it’s a project that you generally want to start earlier in the year. The usual process for creating a temperature blanket is to crochet a row a day with the average temperature. I chose to make my blanket with granny squares so that I could include the minimum and maximum temperature. It is a perfect way to represent a special year. It could be a great wedding present, or a gift for a baby’s first year.

I crochet one square a day for every day of the year, and I add even more creative flare to it! The minimum temperature colour on the inside of the square, with the maximum temperature colour framing it on the outside. My 2022 blanket also had a different colour allocated to birthdays and other important days. I decided to use the temperature of the specific location where I am at on a specific day, keeping it more interesting. (We travel a lot for my three boys’ sport.)

When it comes to choosing the colours, I used this website to play around with different colour schemes that I thought would lookappealing. The website uses your chosen colours and ‘builds’ your blanket for you, based on the previous year’s temperatures. It really helps to see it in execution before committing and buying the yarn colours!

I wanted my blanket to be colourful, so I chose the following colour scheme:

My very own colour scheme for my 2022 blanket
Picture found on pinterest

Any granny square design can work, just make sure to decide (and stick to) which row you change to the new colour. I would suggest attaching each square as you make them, or maybe attach a few every weekend. Having to attach a year’s worth of squares to attach might be a bit daunting during the festive season.  Your blanket may just end up unfinished!

Once you’ve chosen a colour scheme, bought the yarn and decided on a granny square design, you’re pretty much good to go!

I hope that this 2022 blanket will be a fun project to take you through the year. As with many things in life, a little bit every day will create a beautiful result.

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